1.  Initial  telephone consultation to evaluate the likelihood of a reduction in points or PBJ.

2.  You request a hearing pursuant to the instructions on the ticket.

3.  You send a copy of your ticket and driving record (obtained from the MVA website) to us (either by mail or electronically) and pay the flat fee.

4.  We represent you in court without you having to appear.

5.  We send you a copy of the Disposition Summary issued by the Court.

Joseph I.Coale, Esquire - Founder

After Graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in 1997, I have practiced almost exclusively in the area of criminal law, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.  Many judges have a consistent pattern of granting probation before judgment (PBJ) or point reductions to drivers with clean records who bother to show up or hire a lawyer.  Those who do not show up and just pay their tickets miss out on this judicial leniency.  If you have a clean record, you would be foolish not to request a hearing to ask for a PBJ.  It is the difference between a conviction and no conviction!

However, traveling to court and sitting around for an hour or more, wondering what to say to the judge, etc., is a major hassle for most people - especially people who have to travel a long distance.  And for some, missing time from work is simply not an option.  There ought to be a way to keep your record clean that does not cost an arm and a leg.  After all, you are a good driver with no points on your record, so you deserve a PBJ!

A flat fee covers our representation from start to finish.   I will tell you if there is a reasonable likelihood of either getting your points reduced or receiving a PBJ.  If I believe that there is not a likelihood of a point reduction, I will advise you to just pay the ticket. 

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